Category: Impossible Question

IMPQ 8-9-17

QUESTION: This takes us just under 4 months (about 118 days)  for us to find one of these.   to find what?   ANSWER: To find a new job   WINNER:  Keith from...

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IMPQ 8-7-17

Q: If you are in a room with 70 people, there’s a 99.9% chance at least two people will have this in common. What is it?    A: They will have the same birthday!   Winner:   Dave from Medina New...

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IMPQ 8-4-17

QUESTION:   Over 30% of adults have used their kids as an excuse to buy this for themselves?    ANSWER:  Happy Meal    WINNER:  Linda from...

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IMPQ 8-3-17

QUESTION:  A new study found that 31% of pet owners do this for their pet, everyday.  Do What?   ANSWER:   Cook for them WINNER:  Charlene from...

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